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Bless you, /cock/

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From that last Wendy's thread, I asked her.

>Me at Wendy's
>Cashier qt takes my order
>Asked her a Baconator
>Almost in the payment
>She puts her smile upon my sights
>That beautiful, cheerful smile
>"God exists.jpg"
>Told me to have a good meal
>Thanked her, and went to the nearest table

>Went back to her, decided to ask her phone number
>Asked her for a Shake, because planned out
>Told her about the good attention and vibes
>Giggled, then told me "glad you enjoyed your stay!"
>Coming back with my Shake ready
>"It's time.wav"
>All-in or nothing
>"And I got a cute girl to take my order too. Must be my lucky day 2bh"
>Giggled again, thanked me for the compliment and said I was too a nice looking guy
>"Easy peasy.png"
>Asked her phone number subtly
>Told me she was in a relationship
>Awkward silence
>Felt like an eternity
>Spoke up, told her to not worry
>"It's okay, you were very cute for asking me anyways"
>Went back to my table, looking at her every time I took a sip from my Shake
>Sometimes, she looked me back
>(Thinking) "this is a fucking mess"
>Finished my Shake, went to the trash bin near the cashiers
>We looked at each other
>She smiled at me
>That beautiful, cheerful smile
>Smiled her back, heart shattering in any second
>Waved her goodbye, and told her to end her turn well
>She thanked me, and waved goodbye
Not even in Hell this kind of torment must be a thing.