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Time to share your stories -- the good, the bad, and the gnarly. I'll start.

>Be me
>Discover a comic shop has replaced an abandoned bank downtown
>Fuck yeah, let's rock
>Enter, find some guys playing magic and the owner putting up posters
>I check out the racks
>When I have about six comics in hand, owner approaches me
>He welcomes me to the shop, and tells me about the discounts on the pull box program
>"What kind of comics do you like, anon?"
>I mention I like a lot of Hickman's work, and I'm even enjoying the current Deadpool run.
>The owner smiles and said he just finished up with the Daniel Way run and "loved it."
>The fuck
>Immediately drop the six comics I was going to buy on the floor
>Walk out of the store
>Six months later it's closed
>Fucking good