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Getting your dream job

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Noticed that lately there have been a lot of threads asking about what it takes to work in animation, going to art school, how to draw/animate, etc. There are a lot of common questions on the subject so I'm willing to share the best answers from my experience and from my friend's who have way more experience than me. Nothing special about me, just a SCAD graduate, but I can still offer some advice for younger anons who want to achieve their dream. If there are other anons who have advice to give, feel free to share them here too. This is just my opinion, and I bet there will be disagreements, so feel free to reply and share better advice than I have.

>Should I go to a top tier art school like CalArts, SCAD, SVA to learn art/animation?
Before thinking about art school, first try to learn as much as you can on your own. No reason to burn all of your money when you're not mentally ready yet. Nowadays there are so many books and online drawing/animation tutorials that you can learn the fundamentals and beyond without relying on art school to teach them to you. In addition to self-studying, you should definitely take art classes at your local art center. Art centers are much cheaper and better places to learn art fundamentals compared to 4-year universities that rob your money for teaching the same thing. Don't just stick to drawing either, be sure to expand your fields to other artistic mediums such as watercolor, sculpting, painting, etc. Schools and companies love it when you don't stick to your comfort zone, so best get into that habit now.