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If you’ve never watched Ren and Stimpy I want you to watch this sequence (no graphic grossouts) and consider the following things:

>The amount of effort that went into every frame of this animation
>The NIGHTMARISHLY realistic emotion in Ren’s voice acting
>The horrifying soundtrack and effects that make every moment as carefully unsettling as possible
>The fact that this aired on Nickelodeon
>The fact that the man who created this show, performed Ren, and directed this episode was such a merciless control freak and perfectionist that his staff was afraid of him and Nickelodeon fired him early in the series run
>That what I just said does not even fucking begin to describe the unbelievable drama that went on behind the scenes of this show
>Literally enough to fill a book.
Ren and Stimpy was by far one of the weirdest fucking phenomenon in television history and that isn’t even just because of its actual content. Holy shit.