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‘The Batman’ Delayed as the Script is Rewritten From Scratch

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>There are two ways to look at all of the noise surrounding The Batman, Ben Affleck‘s upcoming solo adventure as the Caped Crusader. One narrative is that Warner Bros. has no idea what to do with their DC comic book properties. The other is that The Batman is hitting speed bumps because everyone involved is actively working to get this one right and want to avoid disappointing fans who were let down by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.

>It has already been reported that The Batman will be delayed due to director Matt Reeves‘ pre-existing commitments to another project. Now, we are hearing that the film is being completely rewritten from scratch.

>That first piece of news comes our way via Variety’s Justin Kroll, who took to Twitter to report that Reeves is working on War For the Planet of the Apes until the end of June, confirming earlier reports from Mark Hughes at Forbes and Sean Gerber of the Batman News podcast. That means The Batman won’t even begin production until 2018 at the earliest, which means that the rumored 2018 release date is impossible.

>Kroll also warned that Reeves won’t even meet with any actors until the summer, so outside of Ben Affleck himself, no casting rumors that pop up between now and then will carry much weight.

We can now report that there is more going behind-the-scenes as well. According to sources close to the production, the screenplay for The Batman is being rewritten from the ground up, so it’s entirely possible that everything we’ve heard about the film’s story will no longer be in play.

For the record, the original screenplay for The Batman was supposedly in flux last month, when it was initially reported that the studio was eyeing a “fresh start.”