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Star vs Recap

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The two live chats finished, you can watch them at

If you don't want to sit through the whole thing, some anon made a transcript of the juicy bits at

>80% of questions dodged
>StarFan13 flirting with Marco
>Magic High Commission confirmed alive
>Marco tight-lipped about feelings, repeatedly calls Star his friend but says he's glad she told him about her crush
>Marco not using scissors because he's worried what will happen/where he'll end up
>Marco and Jackie went straight home after Just Friends concert
>Marco makes a lewd joke about Hekapoo
>Marco likes the fan art of boy Star
>Tomco is kill
>Marco not a fan of Starco fan fiction
>StarFan13's fetish is to be invisible and spy on people
>No toilets in Mewni
>Marco's official nickname is Mango

>S02E21 - Face the Music!MxoVRaQD!KKO47P-u40N8-mfnREmQYQ

>S02E22 - Starcrushed!FthGQTbZ!BWX0FUcahW-1InJ4MhVk6A