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What is his problem?

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Hello, /co/. Casual lurker, first time poster here. Excuse me of any mistakes, english is not my first language, not even the second. Im a screenwriter doing a villains' research for the series Im working on. I knew very little about Black Manta, and I saw a thread here about him that simply blew my mind. But, god knows why, I forgot to save the scans. Would you, kind anons, post these scans again (you know what Im talking about), so I can introduce this superb villain to my colleagues? I hate to be that guy that asks for basically the same thread of a few days ago, and hate to ask you to do my job for me, but, anyways, Im asking it. If you can stomach a cape series made in a third world country, maybe you will feel part of it, when it airs next year. Thank you in advance.