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Star vs Bad Releases

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Just Friends (HQ):!mh0xCBgL!MHxv_jOQo0Oxvr7AmAM-kPw8a7kiUL6nsOLTT3gHidU

Friendly reminder that you should be using 4chan Delivery Guy's WEBRips instead of Misseps/SRS (Kametsu) WEBRips, as Misseps has issues with
1) audio/video desync
2) badly-shifted subtitles

Webm related shows the desync with a side-by-side spectrogram at 0.25x speed, using Misseps' latest release:!05ADURYb!OWTy2-Wo3BymzIigLEcbJg

Notice how the wand's beeps on the spectrogram lag the wand's flashes. You can hear it in the 0.25x video as well:

This problem does not appear in 4chan delivery guy's WEBRips (or even YayStar's iTunes WEBRips from S1 and S2a).

Both Misseps and Delivery Guy use the same source (Disney XD's app), and neither re-encode the H.264 stream. But Misseps tries to cut out the Disney XD intro from the start of the stream, which is known to introduce desync because ffmpeg can only cut at keyframes when not re-encoding.

The badly-shifted subtitles is just laziness on Misseps' part.