Symbolism in comics

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Have you noticed that every one of Spider-Man's opponents is based off of an enemy of Spiders?
>Scorpions, for instance, often predate against spider's
>Many creatures use their Venom against spiders
>Hunters can kill Spiders, although some may call that Kraven
>The Octopus is a fierce competitor for what people use to illustrate that something as 8 limbs
>J Jonah Jameson publishes newspapers, devices that, when rolled up, are often used to kill spiders
>Spiders when caught off guard can be killed easily, making their weakness a shocker
>The only thing more fearsome then a spider is a Rhino
>One of a spider's predators are Lizards
>Paste is made in a Pot and can be used to catch spiders, usually by people named Pete
>Spiders can't walk backwards, making Boomerangs extremely deadly
>Cloning spiders is seen as inhumane, making scientists look like Jackals
>Goblins rival spiders for being the prime thing to scare kids, although you probably need kids to be young and Green, else they might like Goblins after having fantasy books become a Hobby.