How Marvel Will Help Amazing Spider-Man #25 Top The Dollar Chart For March 9.99$

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Amazing Spider-Man #25 is a $9.99 96 page monster of a comic book.

Dan Slott and Stuart Immonen create a 40 page Spider-Man story kicking off the new Norman Osborn storyline. Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli tell a short story, Hannah Blumenreich writes and draws her Spider-debut, Cale Atkinson creates a new story about the A-May-zing Spider-Aunt,and – possibly – a Peter David and Mark Bagley launch for the new Scarlet Spider series.

With an Alex Ross cover, Stuart Immonen variant cover, Venomised Dave Johnson cover, Action figure variant cover by John Tyler Christopher, and two more unannounced variant covers.

But that’s just the start. If retailers order 200% of this $9.99 comic that they did of Amazing Spider-Man #22, then they get a massive discount off the price. With lower discounts if retailers order 150% or 125% of the numbers.

Considering that #22 had an estimate of North American numbers of around 63,000, this does mean Marvel may expect rather high numbers – topping 100,000 North American orders – and definitely topping the dollar share for the month of March!

No overship required. BC