Adventure Time/AT: Wheels Talkback Thread

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Kim Kil Whan is worried about his daughter’s future and asks Jake for some parental advice.

>2 minute preview + subtitles:

>Official sneak peek:

>MEGA for S1-S7:

>Two Swords:!fgwXga4L!mKScK4jMZAdYhiTAXMv2M7uibEyFc-EUId52QG0X05E

>Do No Harm:!yhwR0IpK!KPajqoa_WOfWLSlaWSTvnEPZe3aD7GfRaPj4SG1mUis

Reminder Bronwyn a cute, CUTE. I expect porn of her after this episode. Those that saw the mini-series keep the discussion in the mini-series thread, some of us want to wait for it to air. Spoiler when discussing anything not released on TV.