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Cancer characters

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Those cancerous characters which don't deserve to exist in the same cartoon show as the other characters, let alone hogging screentime and being tolerated for their cancerous personality.

Seriously who thinks of this shit? There should be animation laws for such things. No overly annoying and retarded characters at the level of that one annoying geek or that one annoying Cheese from Foster's Home.

In our case we have a character so unrealistically annoying and so unrealistically tolerated that they might as well be carrying "annoyance armour" they are so annoying that nobody can touch them, and that makes them arrogant and all powerful, despite being horribly flawed by nature, but despite this no consquence ever falls on them.

The only way to deal with this character is lying, by reasoning or subverting them. A type-Lizzy or type Polly(kids 402) character has never been punched in the face and directly injured, only told off once in a blue moon.