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Goddamn AVClub just ripped Marvel a new one. Interesting because the site is really casual friendly and only covers comics news but doesn't actually "review" them but I guess they couldn't resist this time. This critics really nails Civil War II and Nu-Marvel perfectly and I'm glad to see some casual backlash.

>Bad comics used to be fun. The first Civil War, 10 years in hindsight, had charm—a well-made piece of hokum that falls apart the moment one looks away. It was a fun book to flip through and pick out weird or awful or (occasionally) interesting sequences. It doesn’t hold up, not proportionate to the weight Marvel places on the fun potential of heroes splintering into violent schisms because of ideological differences. It poses a question answered by a majority of superhero stories published since roughly 1987: Who is cooler than who?

>No one is cooler than anyone, Marvel. Not now. No one’s going to be cool again for a very long time.

>Back in 2016, Marvel Studios released a very successful Captain America movie based on the Civil War storyline. Since the first Civil War resulted in a large pile of cash, Marvel Comics decided to see what else could be drawn from the well. My friends, the well was empty. The original does not lend itself to natural sequels. Iron Man and Captain America can’t have the same argument twice, unless you’re ’shipping them. Who else is on hand to provide a credible ideological foil? Maybe someone also slated for a big push in the near future? Why, excellent. Let’s put Captain Marvel into this Mad-Lib of a plot constructed out of whichever Marvel properties are slated to be featured in upcoming feature films. The Guardians Of The Galaxy are in this comic. Don’t ask why.