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The definitive Bat Reading List

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I put together a list as best I could, but would like input. What are some titles I should add? What should I trim?

The Early Years

>Batman: Year One
>Batman & The Monster Men
>Batman & The Mad Monk
>Batman: The Man Who Laughs
>Batman: Prey
>Batman: Gothic
>Batman: Night Cries
>Batman: The Long Halloween
>Batman: Dark Victory
>Robin/Batgirl: Year One

Bronze Age

>Batman: Strange Apparitions
>Batman: Tales of The Demon

A Changing Bat-Family

>Nightwing: Year One
>Batman: The Cult
>Batman: The Killing Joke
>Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth
>A Death in the Family
>A Lonely Place of Dying
>Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City
>Robin: A Hero Reborn

The Event Era

>Batman: Knightfall Vol 1, 3
>Batman: Cataclysm, Road to No Man's Land, No Man's Land Vol 1-4 (New Edition)

Gotham Rebuilt

>Batman/Huntress: A Cry For Blood
>Birds of Prey #8 "On Wings"
>Batgirl: Vol 1, #1-25
>Batman: Blink
>Catwoman: Selina's Big Score
>Catwoman Vol 3: #1-24
>Catwoman Vol 3: #32 "Only Takes a Night"
>Arkham Asylum: Living Hell
>Batman: Ego
>Gotham Central #1-40
>Batman: Under the Hood
>Batman: Detective
>Batman: Heart of Hush

Morrison Era

>Batman and Son
>Batman: The Black Glove
>Batman R.I.P.
>Batman: Time and the Batman
>Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?
>Batman and Robin Vol 1: #1-16
>Streets of Gotham: Hush Money
>Batman: The Black Mirror
>Batwoman: Elegy
>Gotham City Sirens #1-11
>Batgirl Vol 3: #1-24
>Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne
>Batman Incorporated #1-8, Leviathan Strikes

New 52

>Batman: Court of Owls
>Batman and Robin: Born to Kill
>Batman Incorporated #0-13
>Batman & Robin Vol 2: #18 "Requiem"
>Grayson #1-20
>Batman And Robin: The Hunt For Robin, Robin Rises
>Gotham Academy #1-12
>Catwoman Vol 4: #35-#46


>The Dark Knight Returns
>Batman: Year 100
>Batman: Lil' Gotham Vol 1