Reimagining the Dial H for Hero system

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I love the Dial H system, really. Especially the last incarnation that went completely crazy with the hero personalities and the main characters. Remember that time the elderly lady and the fat dude fucked each other in their H Dial personalities? Good times, good times.

But a brain fart occurred to me: Imagine if instead of you being the one who dials the number, it's the heroes/villains from other universes that call you on your phone and take over your body the moment you picked up. Every time some major crime/event occurs, you'd suddenly get your phone going off like crazy and have to decide whether to pick it up and lose control of your body for a certain amount of time. Add in the psychological issues from the previous run, and you'd have a whole range of crazy things that could happen. The interruptions of daily life alone could ruin a person.

Would you pick up the phone, /co/?