WB' Plans For The DCEU Moving Forward

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- WONDER WOMAN test-screenings have been favorable and WB is anticipating it'll be a box office hit. The villains are the Duke of Deception and Doctor Poison.

- WB executive are satisfied with how JUSTICE LEAGUE is turning out and are anticipating it to surpass THE AVENGERS and earn $1,6 billion+ at the international box office.

- THE FLASH is being reshuffled to 2019 due to Rick Famuyiwa's exit. Directors have already been approached to replace him, with Adam Wingard emerging a the frontrunner. Geoff Johns will revise the script, which tentatively features the Rogues (Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Heat Wave and Weather Wizard). Vera Farmiga has been approached to play Nora Allen.

- AQUAMAN is expected to be the breakout character of the Justice League and reach Superman-level popularity. WB is studying reshuffling its release date to May 2018. Black Manta will be the villain with Orm in a supporting role building up to sequels.

- THE BATMAN is slated for November 2018 with Deathstroke as the main villain and Joker in a notable supporting role. Black Mask will also appear.

- SHAZAM is scouting directors, with Shawn Levy and Paul McGuigan as fronturnners. Although there's no word on Captain Marvel, WB is scouting Jaeden Lieberher for the Billy Batson role.

- JUSTICE LEAGUE 2 will feature Darkseid and his War Council and will be directed by Zack Snyder again. Green Arrow and Black Canary might be added to the roster.

- MAN OF STEEL 2 is in active development for 2019 with Brainiac as the main villain, and WB want Matthew Vaughn to direct the movie.

- SUICIDE SQUAD 2 is in early development, with Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Viola Davi already locked in. David Ayer's return isn't certain. WB wants to ape the tone and pacing of the first movie as it was their most succesful DCEU outing so far, and Ayer has reservations about it. There's already a list of prospective replacements including Joe Carnahan, Chad Stahelski and Fede Alvarez.