Dead Fandoms

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>You know, there was a time that Star Wars was close to being a dead fandom. Seriously. Between 1986 to 1991, Star Wars was so dead, the Kenner toy line, once a license to print money, was canceled. The Marvel Star Wars comic was canceled, too, due to low sales and lack of interest, which didn’t justify the pricy license.

>If something goes a long time without any decent material to recharge your enthusiasm, the fandom starts to vanish. Fandom is like fire: it needs raw material to keep burning. Star Wars was unlikely to ever totally go away. However, not everything is a huge phenomenon like Star Wars: there are some fandoms that were once very huge and visible and have, for the most part, vanished.

>Examples of dead fandoms listed in the blog post: Swamp Thing, Dick Tracy, "The Tripods" series of YA Novels, and Robert A. Heinlein

What are some dead /co/ Fandoms?