Things you hated in Comics

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We had a great thread about shit that annoyed us in cartoons so now let's talk about the shit he hate in comics.
Fuck Terra. Fuck this shitty excuse for a character. She basically hates the Teen Titans becuase ZOMG IM EVIL LMAO. Even as an undercover Titian she was such an annoying entitled bitch. It baffles me that Garfield liked her but then again Garfield probably only liked her because she was as narcissistic as him. The worst part is when she revels to the team that she was a mole for Slade, no one fucking beilves her. Even Dick, is like "NUH UH DEATHSTROKE BRAINWASHED HER", even though Raven has speculated that Terra was a peace of shit the whole fucking time. And when she eventually dies from her own bullshitery she is treated as an hero and a gud gurl. The whole fucking team lied to her mourning brother that she died as a fucking saint.
Seriously fuck this character and her shitty arc.