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Why did cartoons go to such shit during like 2006-2010?

I mean don't get me wrong, we're still not back to the glory days of the Golden Age or the 90s/early 00's but there's at least a handful of decent shows now. During this specific time period I'm talking about

>Cartoon Network starts making shit like pic related, Camp Lazlo, My Gym Partner is a Monkey, gave the annoying orange a tv show
>Spongebob starts going to shit
>Fairly OddParents starts going to shit
>Disney Channel, which was never GREAT cartoon wise but at least had some good stuff and played Disney/Pixar movies goes absolutely full retard and starts appealing to autistic/ADHD retards
>Adult Swim tries to cash in on Tim and Eric's success by making way too many live-action shows and letting almost all their animation go to shit
>South Park, which was already falling off, starts to get absolutely Simpsons-tier for a while and all other Comedy Central animation is just edgy shit that tries to outdo Adult Swim in terms of gross out humor
>King of the Hill gets cancelled to give Seth McFarlane ANOTHER fucking show on Animation Domination so that there's nothing to choose from but Zombie Simpons and Seth's shitty ass shit

Seriously, this was one of the darkest moments for cartoons ever. As I said we still haven't fully recovered but god damn when I think back to this shit it just seems like everything which was long-running started to go to shit and everything new was fucking awful.