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>The book comes from writer Al Ewing and artist Paco Medina, the creative team currently on "New Avengers." The book also looks like it will continue where "New Avengers" leaves off once the dust has settled from "Civil War II."

>The book will see Sunspot's Avengers Idea Mechanics evolve into the American Intelligence Mechanics, a new organization endorsed by the government and poised to replace S.H.I.E.L.D. In addition to Sunspot and "New Avengers" members Cannonball, Pod and Squirrel Girl, the new roster will include Red Hulk, a new Iron Patriot and a Captain America from the future. The new Iron Patriot is Toni Yinsen, daughter of Ho Yinsen (the scientist that helped Tony Stark build his original Iron Man armor). The new Cap is actually a future version of Danielle Cage, the daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Cage Cap previously appeared in the Al Ewing-penned "Avengers: Ultron Forever" storyline.