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>Invader Zim is the dark fantasy of Dib, a young alt-rightist
>Zim is some Muslim kid at Dib's school he constantly stalks and torments, and thus is represented as an evil yet idiotic alien invader bent on destroying/enslaving the human (white) race
>Gaz's dark, abusive and intimidating nature is a representation of women. Her gaming addiction represents gamer grills and women ruining video games
>Professor Membrane is Dib's Cuckservative father who looks down on him for neglecting "real" conservatism ("My poor, insane son")
>Miss Bitters is Dib's blue-pilled, libcuck history teacher
>The Swollen Eyeball Network is /pol/
>the majority of the people in the Invader Zim world being retarded represents normies, nu-males, SJWs and cucks
>the reason Earth is so dark and gloomy is because Dib took the redpill