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Injustice 2 General Hype Thread

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Weather Wizard When Edition:

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What we know so far:

>Confirmed for PS4 and Xbone, PC not mentioned, coming in 2017
>Characters will be customizable through the Gear system (armor pieces with different cosmetics and stats that you get after fights)
>Takes place in the Injustice universe after the first game. Batman and friends are still fighting Regime remnants when a new Earth threatening threat appears
>Stated to have the biggest roster in a DC fighting game ever (so at least 30+ characters)
>Confirmed characters: Superman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Supergirl, Gorilla Grodd and Atrocitus
>Speculated: Wonder Woman, Doctor Fate, Harley Quinn (Logos on Injustice 2 shirt) Ras al Ghul (Trailer voice over), Black Canary (Arrow actress went in for mocap), Blue Beetle, Swamp Thing (Twitter Poll) and Captain Cold (Snart's name and gun are shown in the trailer, gun is also on the shirt and he was in the poll).
>Stages confirmed bigger with Metropolis, Gotham and Atlantis confirmed so far

E3 Countdown

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