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Okay, so we all know that Hussie is a hack, and this series deserved so much better. that horse is beaten to dead and back.

Now is the time (looking back) for constructive criticism. let's look at all the plot points and write out (in a general sense) what should have happened.

If you're going to post, keep a tag of some sort for what you're proposing to fix. Here's a list of tags off the top of my head:

>>Act 1
>>Act 2
>>Act 3
>>Act 4 (rose enters, dave enters, the fall of prospit, the rise of jester jack)
>>Act 5.1 (trolls)
>>Act 5.2(the scratch)
>>Act 6.1(Jane, Jake, Dirk, & Roxy are introduced)
>>Act 6.2 (Ancestor trolls are introduced, Calliope introduced)
>>Act 6.3 (Everyone enters the game... again)
>>Act 6.4 (time wasted on stupid ancestor dream bubble bullshit)
>>Act 6.5 (caliborn's adventures)
>>Act 6.6 (trickster mode)
>>Act 6.7 (Game over)
>>Act 6.8 (collide)
>>Act 7 (Waste of time)

>>Kids (in general)

>>reboot kids (in general)

>> Trolls (in general)

>>Villains (in General)
>>Bec noir
>>Spade slick
>>Lord Jack
>>Caliborn (child)
>>Lord english (adult)
>>The Empress

>>Troll (ancestors)

>>Game mechanics

>>Hussies hack writing