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Toonami Ratings for 4/9/16

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Hunter x Hunter will be replacing Parasyte starting this Saturday at 1am. Yes, this show has about 150 episodes, so get hype for a stagnant block.

Parasyte will be replacing Kill la Kill starting this Saturday at 3am

A brand new season of Samurai Jack is being made for Adult Swim Toonami. A sneak peak will be shown at the Annecy Festival in June.

Adult Swim is funding two new 6 episode seasons of FLCL. Expected release is late 2017/early 2018.

This week we saw two shows end, and the ratings were pretty decent. Back half really dropped the ball though. We start up another 4 year commitment and immediate rerun next week, only time will tell how these choices hold up.

12:00a Dragon Ball Z Kai 1385 0.62 787
12:30a Dimension W 1143 0.52 659
1:00a Parasyte: The Maxim 1026 0.45 574
1:30a Samurai Champloo 856 0.37 468

2:00a Naruto: Shippuden 779 0.32 411
2:30a One Piece 649 0.27 343
3:00a Kill La Kill (r) 640 0.27 345