Adult Swim April Fools 2016

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So, what do you guys think the prank will be this year? It's not on a Saturday, so we can probably rule out anything involving Toonami or anime-related (I think next year April Fools falls on a Saturday, so if Toonami's still around, they'll do a prank for them that year) and while I generally dislike [as]'s comedies (King of the Hill and Bob's Burgers being the exceptions), I do like seeing the pranks they pull off each year.

So, it's time to speculate what the prank will be this year. I think we're done with airings of The Room, and an anime prank is highly unlikely given the fact it's a Friday and not a Saturday, but do you think 2016's prank will be good?

Personally, I think 2015's coin hunt prank was kind of lame, but maybe this year will be better. It's hard to top 2012's prank, but that was something special.