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The Powerpuff Girls Reboot: All Leaked Synopsis So Far

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1a - Princess Buttercup
Buttercup gets a new dress, but it draws so much attention that Blossom and Bubbles become jealous, leading them to vent behind her back.

1b - Horn Sweet Horn
Bubbles convinces the Professor to test his new transmogrifying ray on her new friend, Donny the Pony in an effort to help him become the unicorn he's always wanted to be, but when it turns Donny into a monster instead, she must stop him before he destroys Townsville!

2a - The Stayover
The girls invite a circle of friends over for a slumber party where they hold a fashion contest and are determined to keep it going all night, but the Professor won't allow it. Can the girls party without waking the Professor?

2b - Winklegruff Gals
In her leisure time, Blossom writes a story titled The Winklegruff Gals. The next day, to her horror, she discovers that all the characters have become real, including a monster set out to destroy Townsville.

3a - Blogged Off
Bubbles creates an official blog for The Powerpuff Girls. The girls become shocked to realise someone has hacked it, and is using it to post secrets about the citizens of Townsville. The girls must find out who is responsible before even more secrets are leaked!

3b - Professor Weary
The girls encourage the Professor to relax more and spend less time in the lab, but he takes this too far and becomes lazy, causing the girls to regret it and try to turn him back to his old self.

4a - Shield Sharp
Mojo Jojo builds a superpower-proof shield to block off the girls' attacks as he attempts to take over Townsville. All hope is on Bubbles, who sets out to program a device that can disable the shield!

4b - Somewhere Over the Swingset
When the students of Pokey Oak's kindergarten learn of a playground rumor from 20 years ago, nobody believes it except for Blossom, who is determined to find out the truth.

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