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/co/co/'s Bizarre Adventure

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This spontaneously made project covers the exploits of a multitude of cartoon characters thrown into a universe heavily inspired by Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.


>Story Summary

>Plot Progression
Part 1

Part 3

>Character Abilities

Someone who can into Boorus or something needs to help.


>Female Casting for Part 6
>Samurai Jack in Part 1
>Part 3 plot progression
>Part 2, 4, 5, 6 Plot Development
>Spin/Hamon Parallel
>Stand Abilities of Established Characters

Right now the heated drama between THAT DAMN CAT and M.E. LETERALLY of Part 3 Starduck Crusaders is the most prioritized and popular creation of these thread and it's encouraged to suggest ideas and improvements to build up the middle of the story. Ideas for other parts are just as welcome. If you have character suggestions, try coming up for a place for them based on what we have so far. If you think you struck idea gold in the previous thread, bring it over here. No rush. This is dumb fun before anything else so lets see just how farther we can take this.