Why cannot we have heroes who look like us?

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A group of people tired of seeing only white faces in superheroe movies are trying to have an honest conversation in twitter about the lack of diversity and inclusion in comic movies and tv shows using the hashtag #AAIronFist, following the idea from the blog Nerds of Color.

We're just asking Marvel and Netflix to choose an asian-american actor for the lead role and fix decades of cultural appropriation and asian erasure with a problematic white saviour character.

But now a bunch of racist jackass afraid of change are trying to derange the conversation demanding that the character has to stay the same, white and problematic.

We don't need another white boy in the MCU!How long we will have to continue to suffer this intolerance? We're living in 2016, not in the 70s!!

Sorry for the rant, but these attitudes of the past must disappear now.