BREVOORT: SECRET WARS' Aftermath & The Pizza Analogy

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AKA, The part where Brevoort appeases the fans and explains everything that wasn't explained in the comics.

On the new timeline:
>I’m sure here or there we’ll deal with some of it. But part of the reason for the 8-month gap is so that every comic didn’t have to be about all of the bookkeeping of the aftermath of Secret Wars. Generally speaking, and we’ve seen seeds of this in the books that have come out already, the people of the Marvel Universe and the other heroes believe that there was a cosmic incursion, and the world and the universe were saved at the cost of the lives of Reed Richards and his family. It’s that simple.

>As far as Ben and Johnny know, everybody’s dead. As far as everyone on Earth knows, those characters are all dead and gone. And this is why there are memorials in the Baxter Building, and this is why college students at M.I.T. are hoping that Reed’s final papers are published posthumously.

On the events of the timeline gap
>I think in most cases it will happen in the individual titles. And the stuff that happened in that gap will unfold there as ongoing mysteries and changes that will be revealed over time.

>Certainly in the Inhumans books and the X-Men books, we’re gonna be revealing what it was that happened to create this sort of “cold war” situation between mutants and Inhumans. In the Daredevil book, over time, we’re gonna reveal what it was that happened to allow Matt Murdock to have his secret identity back again, and be back as a practicing lawyer.

>All of the titles will deal with whatever their individual business is on a timeline that is best for those particular stories.