Anya's Spider-Girl flopping = Karma

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So Marvel recently reprinted "Alias" as "Jessica Jones: Alias" due to the Nexflix show being a hit. Reading the comic made him realize something:

>Has an arc that shows what kind of relationship JJJ had with Mattie Franklin. Saying he saw her as daughter and adopted her to compensate for his relationship with his son the wolf-man. JJJ and Jessica Drew lose their shit when Mattie goes missing.

>Arc has a follow-up 4 years later in The Loner mini-series, where Mattie is a lead character and redeemed her from John Bryne's shit writing. Marvel editors liked how the book turned out and other creators wanted to use characters like Mattie, according to writer C. B. Cebulski. Even he wanted to use her again, but the higher ups at Marvel tells them to hold off.

>Mattie goes into limbo for two years before being kidnapped(again) and later killed in Grim Hunt. Except this time JJJ and Jessica Drew act like she doesn't even exist. Readers ask if they were ever going to see a reaction from them and Marvel tells them to fuck off.

>Around this day Mayday's upcoming book gets canned and Marvel announces Anya Corazon(who already failed as a stand-lone character back in 2004) as the new Spider-Girl with a new solo. Putting Anya in front as the inheritor to both the Spider-man and the Spider-woman legacy, which was originally Mattie's role.

>Steals Julia Carpenter's costume from her and gives it to Anya to make more marketable. Shoehorning Julia as the new Madame Web. Which was a useless role that had not place in the Spider-mythos and stripped Julia of her personality. In favor of making her a perfect clone of the first Madame Webb, to add insult to injury.

>Anya series only lasts 8 issues before getting canned due to poor sales. Shorter than both her first series and Mattie's solo. Pathetic.

>Anya then becomes a background character, who falls in and out of limbo. Even the writer of the Web Warriors doesn't give a shit about her.

Eat a dick Joe Q.