/co/ Secret Santa and Christmas Cheer Thread #28

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Deck the halls.
Grab some cocoa.
Get comfy.
Enjoy storytimes, contests, and trivia.
Gift a /co/mrade.
Post your wishlist.
Enjoy the best time of the year.

List of ungifted wishlists and instructions: http://pastebin.com/2R25RyGY

So share your list, join in some holiday story times and above all else be Merry.

Please only post your list once per thread, no begging, and keep it friendly. Remember to say thanks and maybe post a pic if you get lucky.

There are a lot of wishlists that don't have addresses tied to them, without an address no one can purchase something for you and have it sent to you. To update that please open your list, select the "list settings" option in the top right corner, then in the window click "view details" for the list your are sharing then select or add an address under the "shipping address" in the middle if you don't want to share your full name please make a new address and use initials or some nickname.

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