South Park - "Naughty Ninjas"

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Well howdy everyone! It's me, your old pal Butters! Boy oh boy, I sure am super excited for the brand new episode of South Park airing tonight at 10/9c (that's in just three hours, neato!) but boy do I HATE these stupid one week breaks they keep having this season! It feels like we're only allowed to have three episodes before they put a hard lock on our wieners and say "well now you have to wait TWO weeks for the next one, sir!", it's bananas! And now I hear the final break is going to be after the next two episodes, not three!

Hamburgers, I can't take it anymore! Somebody should do something about those bad TV people! Where's the police at!?

>Naughty Ninjas: After deliberating, the residents of South Park come to the conclusion that maintaining a police department, which would typically enforce their laws, protect their property and limit civil unrest, is no longer necessary in the community.

Oh.... I guess they don't exist anymore..