Marvel Future Fight General /mffg/ - Buy Black Cat Uni or Die Edition

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>/mffg/ FAQ:

>What is this?
A mobile/tablet 3D beat-em-up where you collect and train Marvel heroes

>Is it free?
Yes, but paying is "heavily encouraged" though a free team can still get you quite far

>Cinematic trailer:

>Tutorial gameplay:

>New Characters: Elsa Bloodstone, Warwolf, and Lash - Trailer:

>News, events and guides:

>Resources (ISO/gear/team up/etc.)

>1000 crystals
(If this isn't working for you try checking that your Google Play settings - "Who can see your app activities on Google" to "Your circles" and "This app can see other people" to "All circles")

>/co/ alliances; Alliance name:weekly alliance xp required to stay:# of days inactive before being kicked
Mobile Muggas :1000xp:5 days
4chan co :5000xp:5 days
Symbiotic :2100xp:7 days
Apply and leave in game name in thread

New uniforms coming with daily reset today - Black Cat, Blade and MODOK