Arcane Season 2 Speculation

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>final dinner scene, there is an entire murder of crows (or conspiracy of ravens) roosting and watching from above
>throughout the dinner scene there is screaming, numerous gunshots including from Powpow
>birds are not spooked by any of this and fly away...
>until the shots that kill Silco
>the moment that there can be no peace between Piltover and Zaun and civil war is all but guaranteed
>the strife will give Noxus the justification to occupy Piltover
>Urgot and other Darkwill loyalists can be sent there to get imprisoned by paid off chem barons
>9D chess played by Jericho Swain
>Arcane already has shown that they're fine moving around the formerly established canon timeline
>it is way more interesting for Swain to have been communicating and utilizing Raum before the Ionian invasion
>plus the comment from GILF Medarda
>our boy is all but guaranteed for S2
Feels good, Swainbros.