My Life as a Teenage Robot

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I just binged all three seasons of My Life as a Teenage Robot.
Besides Jenny being the apex waifu and the visual presentation being quite marvelous, there's really not that much MLaaTR offers in comparison to other shows of its era. Contrasing it to other Nicktoons, the comedy is done better in Invader Zim and early seasons of Spongebob, and the action in something like Avatar is far more spectacular; jack of all trades, master of none.
The show has this potentially interesting world, with being this retro-futiristic 50s-like utopia with this whole connected galaxy, but any sort of intrigue that has is mostly exposited to you and kept in the background.
You'd think Jenny might have this really interesting character arc, given that she's a teenage robot who needs to get comfortable with her world-saving duties and her desire to assimilate within teenage human society, but she never really experiences much meaningful hardship, and the subjects a typical teenager might face are only loosely or shallowly dealt with.
If the comedy lands, primarily in the form of Brad or Tuck's (the actual best characters on the show) wit and sometimes from other characters, it's oftentimes only worth a minor chuckle, and most of the time it's forgettable visual gags and quips with a very samey structure to them.
MLaaTR would've benefitted much more if it was a serialized show (well, there are sometimes plot threads and characters who have stories that continue on later, but the status quo is ultimately restored at the end of each episode).
I definitely don't agree with the fact that Nick cancelled it at only three seasons, given that an actual conclusion may have sweetened my opinion on the show, but I can only really recommend it if you're a fellow Sheldon and are a robosexual with a fetish for Jenny's design and voice, or have a penchant for its beautifully engineered artstyle.

If anyone's up to it we could discuss the show more. Or you can just dump Jenny too, your perogative.