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I can't take characters that lash out over trauma and edgy characters seriously anymore. It's too boring, expressful and unrealistic just to appease an underdeveloped teenage audience that has never experienced such things. Nobody in real life acts like this. Poor third world world residents living in misery and dying early still laugh, have fun, have friends because they genuinely enjoy the good in life and don't have time to wallow in misery. Coddled, well off people in the first world love these characters because they give them a chance to see a character who shares their innate angst by filtering that through a more dramatic situation with bigger stakes. We laugh at moody teenagers who love edgy characters because they act as if their struggle of their mom telling them to go downstairs for thanksgiving dinner means the world and society is out to get them for their non-conforming ways.

Conversely these edgy characters are not taken seriously because we have seen real people in horrible situations and they can deal with it without being a misanthropic bore. Characters lashing out over trauma is tired writing at this point.