Fuck you /co/

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This is one of the worst thing I ever watch. At first I only watch it because people said it's similar to HnK and I need my gem-fix while ichikawa is busy playing PS5 but later I watch it out of hatred. Steven universe plot is a MoTW style with overarching story here and there and that's fine if not for every single episode centered around steven whereas the plot focused episodes are bad, slow and mostly filler. Steven is probably the worst thing about this shit. He's a gary stu who got everything handed to him and everyone who disagrees with him is wrong, basically fat naruto. How many power ups does he have at the end of the show?
The animation is mediocre and the fighting choreography is meh. The music is just hipster shit. All around the art department is bad.
Last is the character design. Why the gems looks like ugly females? Aren't they supposed to be genderless non binary species? And fusion is just disgusting. There's not a single good thing about this cartoon except for peridot because I want to break that fucking midget so bad.