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>what the fuck is this
An all-ages cartoon musical series starring Kimiko Glenn and Megan Hilty on Netflix. It has one season and a second season is in production.
>it looks like calarts
That's kind of the joke, a warhorse from a gritty animu world at war is separated from her companion and sent to wacky calarts world. The actual animation quality is extremely high and the simplistic centaur designs are used and warped extensively instead of just being static and breaking model
>Is it any good?
It's pretty fantastic, but it has a slow start. The first two episodes have high points but suffer a bit from having to set everything up. Once you reach the halfway point of episode 3 and the plot starts picking up everything falls into place.
>The giraffe guy talking about farts is making me cringe
We know, he stops doing that.