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CN Max Studios:
>Basically another branch of the currently existing Cartoon Network Studios. Focused on animation on the 13+ age group.
>Tig&Seek and Fungies are getting revoked of their Max Originals status because of this shift and will start begin aired more often on CN the channel next year.
>SCI is staying as an exclusive through for some reason. (Through maybe it's because the show has one season left perhaps?)
>Infinity Train: The Movie (2022, could arrive later)
>Unicorn Warriors Eternal (2022, The first ''traditional'' action show from Cartoon Network since Ben 10 Omniverse, and the first original one in 11 years)
>Gross Girls (2022, One person from the higher ups described it as ''If a teen sitcom was parodied by individuals who really like reading Mad magazines)
>Close Enough (New season in 2022)
>Adventure Time: Fiona and Cake (2023)
>Another brand new show for 2023
>A new Ben 10 series that just entered production

Cartoon Network Studios:
>They are basically now aiming for the 7 to 11 age rating since CN Max is now taking the higher demographics, But they also have some series meant for Cartoonito in development
>Craig of the Creek (New season in 2021)
>Apple & Onion (New season in 2022)
>Victor and Valentino (New season in 2021)
>Mao Mao (New season in 2021 or 2022)
>The Fungies (New season in 2022)
>Tig and Seek (New season in 2022)
>Wingits (2022, might slip over to be a next year show)
>Family Mashup (2022)
>Battu (2023)
>There's also an upcoming 2022 show that's begin co-produced with Entertainment One based on a former Saban brand that isn't Power Rangers
>Jessica's Little Big World (Cartoonito) (2022)
>Beetle+Bean (Cartoonito) (2022)