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Britfag here. Could somebody please explain this whole drama over Sandman? The way I see it I think it's good that a black actress is getting the role. But ultimately diversity is not much of a problem or a solution in itself. it's about what all of the aspects of the story do together, i.e., if it's good. It's important to watch a bit and then judge for yourself.

Providing the story's done right it isn't a problem This probably won't affect the story, and in cases where it does remember Ihere's a lot more to the story then that particular aspect to the writing. The way I see it, diversity isn't inherently good or bad, but what's done with it, and any writing that focusses on it at the expense of other important factors is what the real problem is. This does for both sides of the debate. Like, for example the 2016 Ghostbusters, which was 6/10. Everything was rushed on it and diversity fanatics were arselicking despite the fact it did female actors a disservice with its hastily cobbled together plot and that shitty intro that felt like it was trying to copy NCIS. There was no grandeur.

pic related is how I feel about all this I guess.