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Summary of a new interview with Matt
>Matt talks about the table read for TC being fun
>Matt specifically calls out Sonic and Zelda as influences
>Matt worked on Turbo(about racing snails) and wanted the snails in his show more like the snails in Never Ending Story, kinda gross looking
>Calls himself a B- storyboarder, but liked directing episodes of Gravity Falls as it's more of a people job
>Really talks about how he shifted what he wanted to do in animation a lot, ties this to how the girls in Amphibia change
>His favorite frog is a Desert Rain Frog, specifically that one video of it getting poked and it screaming
>End of TC is partially inspired by the first episode of Sonic X, where Sonic gets dropped into a road on Earth after a flash of white
>Also says to only watch the first episode of Sonic X, rest is not unique
>Matt was the Marcy of the group, Marcy absolutely loved Amphibia
>And Anne didn't like Amphibia as much as a contrast to this, and a bit of calm in the crazy of Amphiba
>Sasha is the opposite of rather negative about Amphibia
>Sprig and Ivy are suppose to be steadily dating, I did not think that
>Save for some exceptions, frog and human life span is comparable
>Sasha and Marcy are straight with each other, see each other on the same level, both see Anne a little lower, but need Anne to communicate
>The controversy around TC was mostly thought around 5-6 year olds, as Disney's cartoon audience is getting younger
>Biggest causality for Matt is 'Dramatic Tension' of not knowing if Marcy is alive or dead for months
>"Kids know there's no chance of a giant lizard king stabbing them with a laser sword" "I don't know, 2020 was pretty crazy" lol
>Matt wanted to imply with the Dr. P's book with Bill Cypher and a Gargoyle that if you turned the page you would find Jake Long and a bunch of other TVA stuff, possibly multiverse foundation