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>Reasons cited include:

>PRC portrayed in negative/unflattering light
>Shang-Chi saves the Chinese through power of "degenerate, corrupting American influence"
>Shang-Chi raves about freedom and putting personal desires before bloodline and nation
>images of soldiers sealed in ancient temples seen as analogous to Uighurs in concentration camps
>actors deemed 'deliberately unattractive'
>one CCP media official reportedly asked why "cigar frog" (Awkwafina) is the supporting female character, in reference her signature prominent mouth and husky voice
>Another official noted Villeneuve's Dune has been approved for screening, with its skilled, pragmatic hero and overall message of loyalty to one's people and ultimate triumph through adversity against a treacherous enemy deemed "positive for today's youth"

Imagine pandering to chinks this hard just to end up banned anyway

Kek Disney on suicide watch.