ANOTHER Another Invincible Thread

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Just finished my marathon of this. I expected that people were exaggerating how terrible this was but my god it's worse than I could've ever imagined. I'm sorry I doubted you /co/,
>claims she always knew that Mark was Invincible
>yet for some reason she still chose to be an emotional terrorist who berated him for abandoning his friends during the college trip WHEN SHE FUCKING SAW HIM IN-COSTUME FIGHTING THE BAD GUY
>the best friend character, who also found out about his secret identity and should've known how dumb Amber's complaints about Mark abandoning them were, instead tells Mark that he was a terrible boyfriend who got what he deserved
I'm not even sure it's accurate to say I dislike Amber because I don't even see a character there anymore, only the writers going full retard.
I know there's been a million other threads on the subject but this was so impressively bad I couldn't help myself. Holy shit.