The pedo problem inside the cartoon industry

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I think this board has become increasingly disgusting, this has become the elephant inside the room people don't talk about.
We see multiple instances of characters below the age 18 and no one bats an eye in this board. (E.g. Gravity Falls, SU, The Owl House, etc.)
Some thread have become so disgusting they have been nuked from this board (The loud house), but it's still not enough.
This has become increasingly pervasive problem to the point that molesting cartoon characters has been fetishized.
With threads discussing nothing at all but the value of a below 18 cartoon character as a sexual tool.
This needs to stop.
It's no surprise the cartoon industry has tons of perverts that know no boundaries, when this type of culture is what any cartoon fanatic has to face.
It's borderline indoctrination to a pedo cult.