RWBY/RT General #2249: Jaune "You're Gay? Better start to Pray" Arc Edition

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>1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't tell us it's good
>2. Read the Pastebin:
>3. Arguing about the thread isn’t discussion
>4. Arguing about E-celeb garbage also isn’t discussion
>5. Don't believe their lies

V8E14: THE FINAL WORD. Sometimes it's worth it all to risk the fall. Duration: 23:16. Out Now
RWBY Crystal Match joins Amity Arena in the grave:
The DC Justice League Crossover Comic is out now on Digital. New Chapters today
RWBY: The Grimm Campaign season 2 episode 7 is out now.
V1-V7 BluRay rips (crew commentaries) available on the pastebin. Credit to Website-anon!

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