How can there be any doubt

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How can there be any doubt that Omni Man killed the Guardians if he's been found at the crime scene?

>Guardian's distress signal
Nolan is not a member of the Guardians. There would be a record of the distress signal, which in hindsight, was obviously a trap. But what is Nolan doing there? He wouldn't have received the distress signal, since he's not part of that group. We've seen that Cecil has to go to his house if he needs him urgently. Nolan even being there is the biggest red flag, not to mention that he's covered in everyone's blood and has bruises to his chest.

>Red Rush
Had his head popped open like a pimple by someone who was at least fast enough to momentarily get the drop on him and strong enough to crush a human skill. Had his hands broken against something.

If he's a non killing hero like Batman, he somehow saw fit to unleash lethal explosives against an opponent who was fast enough to dodge them, and presumably wouldn't have been killed even if he was hit. Head split open as he was slammed into the floor.

>Green Ghost
Killed by someone strong enough to put a fist through a skill. Admittedly, we don't know how many villians in this universe might be strong enough to do this.

Obliterated with War Woman's mace. Any strong human might be able to wield it, but how many can put it straight through his head like that? Water fucking everywhere, Aquarius had enough time to put up a fight.

>Martian Man
All stretched out. Sacrificed his life trying to restrain this guy, clearly not worth it to attempt to solo him or even attack him alongside War Woman and Immortal.

>War Woman
Killed by someone strong enough to deliver a beating, then turn her head 180 degrees. Her mace has Nolan's DNA on it.

Someone impaled him, then decapitated him. How many people on the planet are strong enough to do that? Could it have been done by anyone other than a Viltrumite?