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What if Mephisto IS the Mujltiverse the way Eternity IS the Universe?

>Feeds off your regret
>The way things could have been
>Determines Bad Ends for All What If stories
>The Big Bad of the TVAuthority
>Is Peter from FoX-Men because he IS the Multiverse.
>Is Green Goblin and J. Jonah Jameson from Raimi-verse
>Personifies lack of acceptance for what is TRUE.
>Father of Lies. (But everything that could be is true in a multiverse.)
>Multiverse was introduced by MASTER DECEIVER MYSTERIO.
>Mysterio claims "Mysterio IS the TRUTH!"
>Mysterio comes back from the dead in the comics after spending time in hell. >Ultimate Mysterio THE ONE villain to figure out the MULTIVERSE. >Mephisto is the creator of the Multiverse in Alex Ross Earth X series.