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I just finished rewatching Avatar, and I think I finally understand Zutarans.

Katara and Zuko have countless scenes throughout that series which would logically lead to an attraction between them. On the other hand there's literally one scene in the entire show (besides the finale) that shows Katara thinking of Aang as anything other than a brother.

I still don't think Katara and Zuko should have ended up together (not when Zuko is already with Mai, and they're great together) but they should have done a better job of showing why Katara would be attracted to Aang. As it is, she goes from having no romantic feelings to him, to marrying him basically only because he's the Avatar and saved the day. I can understand why Zutarans would see the obvious chemistry between Zuko and Katara and be pissed off that she ended up with the 12 year old instead.

Also Avatar still holds up really well, holy fuck