Yes, another Animaniacs thread

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Since the reboot came out and looks completely unappealing, I decided to watch the original Animaniacs since I have never seen it proper besides bits of it on reruns. I have watched 25 episodes so far and my favorite part of it has to be the relationship between the Warners and Scratchansniff. It's just so funny and pure. Taming of The Screwey and La La Law are my favorite segments so far. Ranking each character segment I have seen thus far goes like this.
>Pinky and The Brain
>Yakko, Wakko, and Dot
>Slappy Squirrel
>Chicken Boo
>Good Idea, Bad Idea
>Randy Beaman
>Mime Time
>Buttons abd Mindy
>Hip Hippos
>Rita and Runt