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X of Swords

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So we're at the final stretch of this event, last day speculations and discussions before this is all done. What do you guys think will be the end result is going to be like for our characters?

Genesis and all her kids - probably dead after this, having them around would radically change --|A\--'s character, more than it already has anyway, as well as keep him busy from participating in stories.
Solem - we already can be sure is gonna stick around since he got promotions as Wolverine's new rival/villain.
Isca - probably gonna live with the X-men for now until in the future she defects again for some other side that's the winning team. White Sword - probably gonna be dead since power makes their resurrection protocols redundant as well as showing to be too good for the enemy team.
Pogg - probably dead, his gimmick is already revealed and I doubt there's that many people who'll still like him after that, also shown to be more of a joke.
Redroot - stuck under Jaspers thumb for now.
Bei - just got married to Cypher and already displayed some good by sparing Cable, will stick around though unclear if she'll be in the background fucking Cypher or be able to participate in other stories.